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8 easy ways to be more persistence and never quit again.

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Why people are getting addicted to Boba tea nowadays?

What is boba tea in actual? Boba is a starchy, chewy, jelly type of ball made out of cassava root which is originated from Taiwan."Boba" this name also comes from Taiwan which indicated breast(rounded boobs). Boba is a starch that is extracted from a plant root which is naturally gluten-free and made into flour and latter form as edible pearls. The row tapioca pearls (often black in color) get cooked in boil water until it becomes soft.
Is boba and bubble tea the same? Well, the answer is a big "yes"!! Both the words bubble and boba refer to the same drink. People from different regions use different names for this popular tea. In the western country, it is known as bubble tea because the balls in the bottom of the cup are made of the tapioca pearls and it looks like a bubble and in Asian countries, it is famous as boba tea. Is bubble tea healthy? Honestly, it depends on what you are going to order. The tapioca pearls might not be so bad themselves but when they are …

Dealing with anger issues? - Learn how anger management can improve your life.

Dealing with anger issues? - Learn how anger management can improve your life.Is anger healthy? Anger is a normal emotion, some consider it as a negative emotion and some claim that it is their nature. Everyone experiences anger in their day to day life but it can also be controlled by anger management techniques. Anger is not always bad for us, it depends on in what way we are using it and how intense is it. Sometimes it can help you to stand against the injustices, help you to face your fear and challenges, inspire you to take stand for someone and sometimes it may also inspire you to make a social change in a positive way. On the other hand, people experience uncontrollable anger that often reaches on the next level. As a result, you may spoil your as well as your beloved's life just because of your aggressive and angry nature. It not only ruins your relations but also makes a negative impact on your professional life. If you are also going through the same situation then it is…

Learn "how to control anger" before you regret - 11 amazing tips

Learn how to manage your anger Is your anger issue spoiling your life? 
Anger is an emotion that can easily change from mild irritation to intense rage. Anger is considered as a "negative emotion" but some time anger can be quite positive. It depends on you in what way you use that energy. Anger can help you to stand against the injustices, it helps you to face your fear, it may spur you to stand for someone and it may also inspire you to make a social change in a positive way. But if your anger issue is spoiling your life as well your beloved life then definitely you have to learn some anger management skills not only you have to learn it but also you have to apply those anger management in your life.

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2. Easy and fast way to stop procrastination to done your work on time. Why should we learn anger management skills?
We should learn anger management skills to establish a better relation…

10 fantastic foods that provide you a surge of energy at work

10 foods that give you energy Don't you feel you need something to recharge your battery in the middle of the day at your workplace? or maybe you feel low and your energy declines hours before it is 5 pm? Well, I think we all go through this and feel fatigued at work when it is 3 pm, our head starts getting heavier, we feel low and it takes effort to continue with your work with the same motivation and enthusiasm what we were feeling in the morning. Dealing with this situation we ended up grabbing sugary snacks or junky food instead of foods that give you energy with a cup of coffee, another cup of coffee and again another cup of coffee. I must say coffee works great to continue with work. What if there are some foods along with coffee that can help you stay sharps all day? would you like to replace your unhealthy junk food with foods that give you energy? I am sure you would love to, but before we know about the food that can charge your battery, let's talk a little bit abou…

5 reasons deep breathing exercise improves mental health

Deep breathing exercises and mental health.
Take a deep breath in, hold it for a few seconds and now let it out. Have you noticed any difference? Okay try it one more time, relax.... make yourself comfortable and do it again. Take a deep breath, repeat it 4 to 5 times, have you noticed anything this time? I am sure you have noticed the feeling of relaxing and calmness. What if you make it a habit of your daily life?  This simple exercise can make a positive impact immediately, deep breathing exercise is a simple and amazing exercise that you can do at any time and anywhere. Why does deep breathing exercise work? By taking a deep breath your brain receives more oxygen. The more oxygen your brain gets, the better the performance you get from your brain. To improve your memory and focus, to produce positivity in your head and to reduce brain fog you can practice this amazing exercise in proper way and guidance. Here are the top 5 reasons that will explain how beneficial is deep breathing…

Get full-body workout with these 5 simple exercises without gym.

Full body workout without a gym
getting not enough time to join a gym? or you are not yet ready to spend money on expensive gym membership fees? Relax you still can get a fit body without fancy gym equipment. You can still reduce your body fat and gain muscles by using your own body weight. The simple exercises I am going to tell you will work on every muscle of your body, a list of exercises that targets almost every part of your body. From shoulder, chest, bicep, back to hips and thigh. this is going to be your full-body workout gym membership and fancy equipment but first of all, let's try to understand some basic importance of exercise. Why daily full body workout is important? (workout at home without a gym) life gets easy when you get a strong body and mind. Confidence and mood automatedly improve when you have a strong body and a positive mindset. Here are some benefits of daily workout. Benefits of daily exercise. It gives you the strength for daily tasks.It makes your cardio…